Welcome to my slice of cyber space. I’m Rowena: a writer, editor, mother, and nature enthusiast. 

I write for children about the wonderful and sometimes weird natural world. I get inspiration from my two school-aged daughters who love examining their surroundings and regularly collect various specimens, living and dead, to examine under the microscope. I write both picture books and middle grade books and have several manuscripts at various stages.

Photo by Maryam Morrison Photography

Photo by Maryam Morrison

I have published science articles with Yes Mag: The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds and non-fiction books with Weigl Educational Publishers. You can check them out on the My Writing page.

Not everything I write for children is about science or nature. I am also co-author and co-publisher with my sister, Elspeth, of stories for children who are learning to read English with the additional challenge of having dyslexia or another language-learning difference. For more about this project, visit Two Read Books.

If you’d like information about my formal education and writing background, you’ll find details on the About Rowena page.

In addition to writing, I am a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates. If you’d like information about my editing work and services, please contact me via info@westcoasteditors.com.

Thanks for stopping by!